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Phu Quoc Infomation

Phu Quoc Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand with 22 large and small islands, from October to April that is the dry season, the most beautiful weather to participate in outdoor sports activities. The sea is very peaceful and very convenient for snorkeling and diving.

North of the island: the mountains are windbreaker so the sea is very peaceful we organize exploring boat trips and scuba diving around the turtle island. Turtle Island is also the most ideal location of Phu Quoc Island with coral reefs surrounding the island, where we can see many types of sea creatures in the tropics at depths of 11 meters. At a shallower depth we can see many types of hard corals, sea anemones and many colorful fish

Southem of Phu Quoc Island has many small islands and many options diving sites and some deeper diving, but this sea is not shielded wind so limited visibility, flow is very strong.

The advantage here is that there are many small islands and beautiful sandy beaches, we usually organize tours by big boats and high speed boats. you to the relatively unspoiled island, snorkeling the coral reefs near the island small

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About Our Club


We have more than 10 years experience diving in Phu Quoc. 
So we are very experience about the terrain of coral reefs in this island


We offer dive trips with small groups on big boat. 
Purpose gives you scuba diving trips really dive resort


Dive trips are conducted on new equipment from leading manufacturers for scuba diving. 
The big boat equipment is reliable and has proven security guarantees.